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Humble beginnings began as two ice cream lovers with a dream. Founded in 1970, Dairy Bell quickly became an award-winning company. Such great success is attributed firstly through the introduction of delicious flavours. Our desire to sweep customers off their feet is unceasing, nonetheless. 

We make this happen through our unwavering drive to consistently innovate by having a wide range of flavours to choose from. It’s so amazing how we pave the way to unlock childhood memories with the mouthwatering taste of our frozen treats. For over 50 years, Dairy Bell ice cream has been a part of Australian culture.

Dairy Bell garnered fame and accolades for our ice cream that delights and satisfies. We know what people want with over 30 flavours on offer. Furthermore, we strive to have dessert selections available for everyone. Whether it’s a delicious finish to a lunchtime meal, an after-dinner dessert or a special outing treat, Dairy bell ice cream is guaranteed to make every moment special.

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Dairy Bell is a family owned and operated business. We are proudly of third generation Italian heritage. We have developed the finest range of Italian gelato and ice cream. Our enduring passion and commitment to continuously improve all aspects of our business drives us to maintain the best standards across our range of products. Our premium products are made with locally sourced and Australian products and ingredients. There is no good ice cream and gelato without great ingredients.

Dairy Bell isn’t just a place. Rather, it’s the feeling you get when you hear the name and it floods you of childhood memories while enjoying your favourite ice cream treats. We pride ourself on great customer service, fresh produce, and putting smiles on the faces of everyone who visits us.

Australian Owned

Dairy Bell is 100% Australian owned and is well known for generous servings, great taste, and outstanding customer service. All these ensure that everyone who enters our stores feels more than welcomed. Armed with the traditions passed down through generations, we imbibe the holy grail of gelato knowledge. Over the years, we have succeeded in sharing the best products with a modern twist that everyone loves. 

We marry traditional techniques with a great modern flavour to create a beautiful blend. Ice cream is the ‘go to’ food for celebration and special occasions. Well, after-meal moments at home become even more extraordinary and memorable by simply serving a Dairy Bell frozen delight. Ice cream is our specialty and whilst we are always innovating with new flavours, we are also great at making our award-winning classics. From life’s little moments to the big milestones, we bring people together and share the love of ice cream.

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