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Dairy Bell has been serving up the best frozen dessert varieties for over 50 years. Without a doubt, our experience has made us become an unbeatable ice cream shop in Melbourne. Over the years, we have made a lot of people happy by giving easy access to the best ice cream serving that everyone desires.

Speaking of servings, there’s absolutely something for everyone at Dairy Bell. Whether you’re looking for the classics or something more adventurous, we’ve got you covered. Explore the myriad of choices on offer and surely your taste buds will be on for a special treat. Yes, our dessert selection is so special, reserved only for someone special like yourself.


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We start with ice cream – 36 delicious flavours to choose from extending across our range of ice creams, smoothies, sundaes, shakes and much more. Our menu offers an experience with every purchase.

Furthermore, we use nothing but the freshest and finest ingredients to make our products uniquely different from the rest. Every serving gives you the most scrumptious and mouth watering flavours you can ever try. 

Why Dairy Bell?

Locally Source Produced

Own A Dairy Bell

Be your own boss.

At Dairy Bell you are your own boss. We want you to make money and we show you how to do it.

Becoming a Dairy Bell franchisee is a two-way relationship.

We do our thing to support you and we expect you to do yours.


Be part of team Dairy Bell.

Our Gelato servers are the face of our brand. The core prerequisite is that they must love people. And they do! They’re cheerful, lively, and inspired by the happy faces of customers they see every day.

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Stay tuned for exciting news and updates from us. Surely, great things are coming your way!

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