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Ice Cream Franchise for Sale Melbourne

Be your own boss.
“At Dairy Bell you are your own boss . we want you to make money and we show you how to do it.”

Becoming a Dairy Bell franchisee.

Franchising is a two-way relationship. We do our thing to support you and we expect you to do yours.

To be successful in this ice cream shop franchise opportunity, you will need:

A positive attitude/ Natural desire to help and serve customers/ and ability to follow systems and routines

A desire to work hard and to build a business income for your family and your future. If this is you, then we’d love to hear from you.

Choose Dairy Bell Ice Cream Franchise Business Because It Works

Your Dairy Bell ice cream shop franchise comes fully branded and located in a high street shopping precinct.

We’ll find the best site, do the customer survey research, and secure the lease for you. And it doesn’t stop there. We also fit it out using our standard and proven retail design modules and give it the all-important Dairy Bell décor and signage.

As you commence, we will train you in our operating system. We will also kick-start your franchise business with a local area special launch promotion. This ice cream franchise model has worked and continues to thrive. Our dedication and support to grow your business are unparalleled.

Ice Cream Franchise Business for Sale
Ice Cream Shop Franchise for Sale Melbourne

Ongoing Support For Your Ice Cream Shop Franchise

When you become a Dairy Bell franchisee you are a part of our family. We support you proactively with social media marketing, business management guidelines, access to help, and advice when you need it. Also, we keep your store fresh and relevant with new innovations, products, and promotions throughout your franchise ownership.

Innovation and Expansion for your gelato ice cream franchise

As our cities change and evolve, so does the way we respond to our customers’ needs. Our street front stores are now fresher, brighter, and open at hours that match people’s eating patterns.

We see changes in how people order online and we meet these new demands with a fast-response ordering system. Ours is one that links in with the most popular food delivery services.

Our customers love our dairy products, but increasingly expect vegan alternatives. As such, we match these with an expanding range of ingredients to suit their preferences. This is possible through the use of high-quality and healthy products that are locally sourced.

Families have birthdays and special occasions all throughout the year. As our way to meet this demand, we offer personalised ice cream cakes that are not available elsewhere.

Ice Cream Shop Franchise Melbourne

Yes, an ice cream shop for sale as your business venture

All in all, Dairy Bell has something for everyone. As a Dairy Bell franchisee, you have a business opportunity that has year-round profitability and high street visibility. More so, you are represented by a quality brand with an impeccable reputation to match. 

This venture is  ideally suited to those who want a new career in entrepreneurship. If this is something that you desire, then Dairy Bell could be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

We make it all here

A key to our success is the expertise we have developed by manufacturing all our ice creams in our own facility. Dairy Bell does not ‘buy in’ from wholesalers – we make it all ourselves. This way, we not only control the quality of every product but also apply our decades of experience to match our customers’ expectations. Of course, this comes to fruition through our range of flavours and styles that we know our customers want. Let’s get started !!

If a Dairy Bell ice creamery franchise sounds like your next career move, now is the time to take action. Take advantage of this great ice cream shop franchise opportunity!

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Colin Crawford

National Franchise Manager

Wollermann Franchise Developments

Sam fisicaro

Managing Director

Dairy bell Franchising Pty Ltd

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