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Noble Park

Ice Cream Noble Park

389 Princes Highway, Noble Park, VIC 3174

Dairy Bell Noble Park

Ice Cream in Noble Park is more special because of Dairy Bell. People in the community have the convenience of having the best ice cream they have ever tasted. At Noble Park, we have a limited Dairy Bell range which consists of super shakes, super cones and scoop ice cream.

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Monday – Sunday 11am – 9pm
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Noble Park ice cream has become the best, thanks to Dairy Bell

Needless to say, everyone yearns for an ice cream scoop all the time. It comes as no surprise because its thick and creamy texture is alluring. The way it melts in your mouth as the flavour explodes is something exhilarating. Such a feeling never fails to make everyone feel instantly better, especially after a long and rough day. 

Craving for the best ice cream is not a problem because there’s Dairy Bell. Our creamy delights coupled with mouth-watering flavours instantly satisfy your sweet musings. With abundance, choosing your favourite may be quite challenging. There are so many to choose from so it’s best to try everything instead.

Dairy Bell in Noble Park is proudly GREEN!

We are proud of practicing sustainable and environmentally-friendly ways. Because of this, we hope to inspire others to also come up with their earth-saving initiatives. Don’t know where to start? These are some of the eco-friendly ways in which you can emulate:

Ice Cream Shop Clayton
Locally Source Produced

At Dairy Bell we have something for everyone to enjoy


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