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Ice Cream Mill Park

42A 314/360 Childs Rd, Mill Park, VIC 3082

Dairy Bell Mill Park

It’s such a joy that Dairy Bell makes the best ice cream in Mill Park. Everyone has convenient access to some of the most delectable desserts. It’s great that we have a lot of flavours on offer. Because of this, every trip to our store is always exciting because there’s something new to try. From the classic flavours to something more eclectic, we have them all for you to enjoy! 

But, Dairy Bell is not just about the most scrumptious ice cream treats. We also have plenty of other frozen treats for you to devour! There are frozen smoothies, flavoured crushes, and even ice cream cakes for the best birthday bash. Always remember that for your dessert cravings, Dairy Bell is indeed the top choice.

Sunday - Thursday 2pm - 10pm Friday - Saturday 2pm - 11pm
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Dairy Bell In Mill Park is here to make your day so much better!

Many people would agree that ice cream is a special dessert. Its lovely taste never fails to put a big smile on someone’s face. This dessert has been a go-to treat after a long and busy day. Well, it also is a great way to beat the summer heat. Whatever the reason is, having a scoop (or two) of ice cream envelops us with inexplicable happiness. 

You should be yearning for one of our desserts by now. Well, with its texture and generous flavours on offer, your sweet dreams are surely made of Dairy Bell products. Go ahead, and satisfy your desire to have that ice cream scoop. With many flavours to choose from, there’s definitely one that’s enough to fulfill that craving of yours.

Locally Source Produced

Dairy Bell is even more exceptional for practicing GREEN ways!

Dairy Bell is also all about leading by example. We are not only known for producing the best ice cream products, but also for our environment-conscious ways. Little initiatives when combined produce great results. As such, we hope that we inspire others to do the same. After all, we benefit from such little acts at the end of the day. We practice sustainability and being environmentally conscious through the following:

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At Dairy Bell we have something for everyone to enjoy


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