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Malvern Ice Cream

210 Glenferrie Rd, Malven, VIC 3144

Dairy Bell Malvern

Dairy Bell Malvern ice cream is the best of its kind. This is precisely why a lot of people just can’t get enough of our products. With our many flavours available, we aim to give so much delight to everyone, ice cream fan or not. Remember, there is surely something for you to enjoy! Try any of our ice cream flavours and you will feel immense love for them. 

If you think that it’s all about the best ice cream variants, guess again! Dairy Bell does not stop innovating. Therefore, we have other frozen treats available for everyone. We have smoothies, crushes, and even ice cream cakes! What more can you ask for? Know that Daily Bell is here to satisfy your cravings for anything sweet. This is one of the reasons behind the success of our business over the years.

Monday – Sunday 5Pm – 12am daily
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Dairy Bell ice cream in Malvern is simply the best!

Ice cream is definitely one of the best desserts. Its rich and creamy texture never fails to make our taste buds scream for joy so much so that it has become the world’s favourite. It is a great way to relax after a long and tiring day. One scoop is all it takes to make everything seem to be all well again. 

Still wondering where you can get the best ice cream in Malvern? Well, search no more because Dairy Bell is here for you to try and love. It’s now the time to give in and satisfy your desire to have that lovely ice cream serving. Again with so many flavour choices, there’s definitely one to delight your discriminating taste. 

Dairy Bell is even more exceptional for practicing GREEN ways!

Dairy Bell is not only about producing the best ice cream. But we are also distinguished for our environmentally-friendly ways. Different initiatives when combined yield inspiring and groundbreaking results. Through this, we hope to inspire others to follow our lead. We practice sustainable living through the following:

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Locally Source Produced

At Dairy Bell we have something for everyone to enjoy


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