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Ice Cream Bundoora

2 Balaka Place Bundoora VIC 3083

Dairy Bell Bundoora

Ice Cream in Bundoora is made even more special, thanks to Dairy Bell. The area is truly blessed to have the best-frozen desserts available for everyone to enjoy. Everyone in the community has quick access to some of the best ice cream the area has ever known. For one, the store offers many flavours. This makes it convenient for customers to find the frozen treat they are desiring for. Craving for a classic scoop or something more unique, Dairy Bell has them all. 

Want something more exciting? Dairy Bell has a number of other treats for you to savour and enjoy! We also have frozen treats such as smoothies and flavoured crushes. Even better, serve a decadent ice cream cake for your birthday instead of the usual. Next time you want something sweet and delightful, Dairy Bell is the place to be!

Sunday – Thursday 2pm – 10:30pm Friday - Saturday 2pm - 11pm
Ice Cream Shop

Dairy Bell ice cream shop in Bundoora is here to save the day

Everyone loves ice cream and that is a given fact, right? It is such an enjoyable treat when you are feeling down or probably just to take respite from a scorching summer day heat. Regardless, Bundoora ice cream and frozen desserts treat from Dairy Bell never fail to make us feel good in their own little way.

Well, craving for the best ice cream is not a problem because there’s Dairy Bell to the rescue. Our creamy delights complete with irresistible texture and mouth-watering flavours instantly satisfy your craving. With abundant choices, choosing an absolute favourite is impossible. Dairy Bell ice cream is the best in Bundoora and there’s no question about that.

Dairy Bell is not just about making the best ice cream in Bundoora. We also go GREEN!

Dairy Bell is not all about producing the best ice cream ever. We are also proud of practicing environmentally-responsible ways for sustainability. As such, we hope to inspire others by coming up with their own initiatives to save the planet. These are just some of the eco-friendly ways where we hopefully lead by example:

Ice Cream Shop Clayton
Locally Source Produced

At Dairy Bell we have something for everyone to enjoy


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