Dairy Bell Ice Cream
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Dairybell history


Andre Razums and John Stanford started Dairy Bell Ice Cream (Aust) Pty. Ltd. in 1970 to create ice cream that swept people back to their childhoods. And they have succeeded.

The flavours are enough to boggle the mind, and for ice cream lovers the vanilla is a shining example of strength and purity, winning many gold awards.

Dairy Bell has a policy of competitive pricing in line with volume sales. Innovation is the backbone of the Dairy Bell Company who was first with 5 litre Ice Cream buckets, polyunsaturated products and now with a 3 litre lunch pack size containing the Dairy Bell Gold Medal Vanilla ice cream.

In 1973 Dairy Bell expanded into the NSW market by purchasing the Skybomber Ice block factory at Australia Street, Camperdown, which is ably managed by Robert Bright.

Our product range is made up in take home pack segments in sizes ranging from 1 Litre to 5 Litres.

We also service specialty groups with products such as Polyunsaturated No Added Sugar line for the diabetic and kilojoule conscious customer.

In the Ice Block segment we sell the unique 24 pack of Skybombers. This item has a long out of refrigeration life and is perfectly suited and designed for kids fetes, parties, picnics etc.

In addition to this we operate 11 retail outlets across 3 states these being in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

Dairy Bell is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, a true rarity now in Australia. This bears testament to the sound business acumen and ethics which has seen Dairy Bell grow into a proud independent, successful manufacturer and supplier of quality ice cream to Australian and overseas markets.